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Sharon Marie

Branding & Automation Coach

When I first started as an entrepreneur, I struggled with positioning my personal and business brand.

I started like most by simply creating a generic website, getting some business cards, creating a make-shift logo just so I could “have something out there,” all the while feeling disconnected from my business. Why? Because nothing really matched who I was.

Plus, as a multi-passionate, I was juggling 3 brands at once! Can you imagine feeling disconnected from the very things you should be passionate about, constantly feeling like you weren’t putting your true self out there?

Well, that was my life for the first year or so of my business.

...until something inside me said, “there’s got to be a better way.”

So I said, “screw it” and rolled up my sleeves, turned my websites either off or put up a simple landing page, & went on a journey to figure this “branding” thing out.

Low and behold, I discovered that I not only LOVE branding, but have a knack for helping people take what’s in their heads, put it on paper, and help them make it a reality, but with their brands!

Side Note: My literal tagline for my Virtual Assistant business was “helping your dream become a reality” so, yeah 😎 now I had discovered a newfound passion and way to help not only myself but others craft a brand or multiple brands in a way that felt both honest and exciting.

And I did it by finding the #1 thing every entrepreneur needs to cultivate not only a successful brand but a significant one.

So I know your like, Sharon, what is that #1 thing? Tell us, already!

Ok, so hold your horses, I’ll tell you, but I am positive the answer will not be what you think…

The #1 thing you absolutely NEED, that is SUUUPER ESSENTIAL to developing a significant brand is…


Clarity? Yes, Clarity!

You need a solid and CLEAR foundation of who and what your business/brand is all about in order to develop a brand that stands the test of time.

Without true CLARITY, you are like a ship lost at sea, floating aimlessly with no true destination and allowing the winds of life to dictate which direction you go in.

So what does this translate to in your business day-to-day?

This looks like accepting any and everyone who comes your way and working with them because you're afraid of turning away money, even though to see ALL the red flags about this client potentially being a nightmare.

This looks like being on the content hamster wheel, constantly churning out content 1,2, maybe even 3 times a day in hopes of landing that next client that will help keep your business afloat.

AND this looks like eventually burning out trying to do all the things in your business because you lack this one thing: CLARITY.

What you SHOULD be experiencing is having a brand that not only makes look professional enough to rival your competitors BUT also helps to draw those ideal clients into your door a little easier simply because your overall brand makes them TRUST you more.

And we all know that know-like-trust is the name of the game!

If your audience can trust you, they'll feel comfortable enough to buy from you. 😉

But how do I translate that into a brand?

Well, guess what? That’s why you have me!

I decided to do this Rebrand to Shine Mini-Course to not only guide you into developing a brand you can be proud of -- that aids in drawing clients to you and not from you -- BUT do it in a professional way that doesn’t require thousands of dollars.

So here’s what we’ll cover during the series in order to develop what I like to call your Business Compass:

☑️ Training #1 - Discover Your Business Anchor

☑️ Training #2 - Mastering Your Business Compass Pt. 1

☑️ Training #3 - Mastering Your Business Compass Pt. 2: Find Confidence In Your Power Statement

☑️ Training #4 - Make Brand Visuals Fun

☑️ Training #5 - Automation Made Easy

☑️ Plus a Budget-Friendly Branding Tutorial Video

Each training will be jam-packed with both brand identity training & COACHING + simple strategies to get clearer on your Business Compass like never before!

But wait, that’s not all! You also will get access to these AMAZING bonuses too!

Lifetime Access to the Permission to Thrive Private Podcast

The Simple Social Media Funnel Training Video

2 Bonus Masterclasses: Niche & Target Market Selection + Client Experience Success Secrets

Live Streaming Training from GUEST EXPERT: CaSaundra Jolliff

CaSaundra Jolliff is an Intl. Speaker, Purpose Branding Strategist, Live Streaming Coach, and Creator, Producer & Host of CaSaundra Jolliff LIVE

PLUS, you also get access to...

My Private Cultivation Lounge FB Group


A Private community on the Heartbeat platform to not only connect with your fellow Rebrand to Shine Peeps, but also participate in Q&A Days where you can ask many any and all questions each Thursday!

And the best part is, your receive all this amazing training for only $47!

So what's stopping you from creating a brand you love?


Sign up now and join me as I take you on a journey of…


It’s time to craft a brand that not only excites you but fuels you to wake up every day to do what you do best as a business owner.

Let’s co-create a brand that you love!